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How to Repair your Cracked phone screen?


After the touch screen revolution, the phone screen has the most important role to play in the prosperous working condition of your phone. Cracked Mobile Screen Repair is not an easy thing for everyone to take up, and influxes laziness amongst most of us. Also, cracked mobile screen repair is one of the most costly repairs you can come across in your mobile phone servicing. You can make use of bumper cases, screen protectors, tempered glass as screen guards to protect your phone from cracking while it takes a fall, but the majority people not doing it leads to the phone losing its good looks. At the end, it is your call if to use protection for your phones or not.

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How to solve Cracked Mobile Screen repair issue?

A cracked mobile screen repair issue does panic most of you, but it is not anything to worry about because you do not lose your important data or program, there is only a need of physical repair in the device. When the upper layer of your mobile phone cracks it can also be the tempered glass. So it’s not always a worrisome situation unless your mobile phone falls very hard. A cracked mobile screen can spoil your day and even longer if you don’t go for the right fixing options.

-There are many online websites that provide you with the material required and the complete process of replacing your equipment that is involved in fixing your mobile phone.This is known as DIY screen repair and replacement, which is the cheapest means for a cracked mobile screen repair.

-Get it fixed by a third party repair shop. There are many mobile phone sellers who also provide cracked mobile screen repair services at cheap. They replace the phone screen with not an authentic screen but one that would work for you for a considerable time.

-There are online cracked screen repair service providers that provide end to end services, and they also let you track your phone repair status. The cost ranges from low to high for various service providers.

-You go to the service centre of the manufacturer of your mobile phone. Most of the times the cracked mobile screen repair may involve replacing the screen that may take a hit you in your pocket.

Get to know more about Your iPhone Unlock!


Usually, iPhones come programmed with a single carrier or with some particular carriers. But it’s not a compulsion for you to be the customer of only that particular carrier. Hence, you can unlock your iPhone and be able to use the network of multiple carriers. iPhone unlocking is a completely legal process, provided you have made all payments for your contract or you don’t have any dues towards your carrier. You can either do the iPhone unlocking by yourself or through an unlocking service provider for a small fee.

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Do You Need to get your iPhone Unlocked?

For your iPhone unlocking ,you can follow the steps mentioned in the latter heading. But what if your iPhone is already unlocked? Yes, in some cases it can be that your iPhone unlock has already happened or it is not a locked device. The process is very simple and is not an official one. Go to the device settings, tap the Mobile data option, and then look for ‘Mobile Data Network’. If there is such an option, then your iPhone is probably unlocked. Another simple method is to check with another network’s Sim card by inserting it into your device if the device is able to make calls with it.

How to Unlock Your iPhone

Make sure the Network in which you want to switch to supports your device because of different technologies being used by each of the carriers. The best way to know it is by asking for the customer care. Before that, also make sure the network which your iPhone exists, supports the procedure for  your iPhone unlock. Each carrier has their own unique procedure of the iPhone unlock. So, you have to carefully read the documentation of your device. Later, you will need to place a unlock request with your current carrier. After the whole of the aforementioned unlocking process is done, you will need to back up your device either in an online cloud or on a PC, and after that remove the existing Sim card and replace it with the new one, of another carrier.